chinese bio-tech you have to be shitting me. Your risk tolerance is astonishing to me. That said ty for the write up.

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Well I am keeping it small, only a 2.5% position. And recent CEO + involvement of Hillhouse + large discount to net cash + likely milestone payments coming in 2024 from their growth hormone drug + potential of a blockbuster drug + this company not having the funds or valuation to actually see it through to the end with their antibody drugs makes me think it is not nearly as risky as the phrase "Chinese pre-revenue biotech" might suggest. And a catalyst is in sight here.

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Huh IJW, I'm following your blog for a while and I have noticed that you had some very good stuff (BTW, I'm still long Consun Pharma also 2 more value HK pharma stocks).

111 - Chinese stock listed in USA, tele medicine, total regulatory risk, Quick Ratio under 1, .... just way way too risky.

Emeren stock price under 5$, max stock price graph on Google looks scary, I'd never buy something that just screems pump and dump.

IMAB insider owns 0.27% that means according to Finviz, and that sounds no way I'd put my money into it.

However, with all that harsh criticism on this time entries, I really really liked some of your post and would like to connect in real life to discuss opportunities.

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